November 28th, 2017

How to Take a Nap: The Science Behind a Good Power Nap

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Did you ever think you’d read a story telling you how to take a nap? Believe it or not, most people aren’t doing it well, and naps are one of the best tools when it comes to being ultra-productive.

Whether you nap regularly or not, we can all think of a time when we were completely drained of energy and were struggling to keep our eyelids open. With deadlines in sight, we charge on and throw every last ounce of our energy into the task at hand. You can’t go to sleep until the project is complete, but are you satisfied knowing that you weren’t able to give this project your full attention due to your lack of energy? Learning how to take a nap correctly will help mitigate this happening.

How to take a nap

Situations like this could be avoided completely with a good ‘ole power nap.

In a time when staggering proportions of us aren’t getting enough sleep, a power nap might be a solution, although a temporary one. But you can’t simply lay down and close your eyes to get the full effect of a power nap; there’s an art and a science to it.

The most effective power nap is between 10-30 minutes in length. Napping longer than this risks making you feel more groggy than before you started, and you also risk falling asleep completely! The Power Nap sessions in Make Me Fabulous will accompany you with different soundtracks for your nap, as well as a gentle reminder when your nap time is up.

You’ll want to consider the time of day you nap, as well. The best time of day for a nap is early afternoon. If you’re needing a nap in the morning, then you might need to reconsider how early you’re waking up and the quality of your sleep the night before. Later in the afternoon, napping increases your risk of disturbing your regular sleep cycle.

For your power nap, try to make your space as dark as possible. Consider an eyemask. You’ll also want to have a blanket or sweater to keep yourself warmth. Warmth prompts us to relax, as well as darkness.

If you’re stressed, you might think that taking a nap won’t help. Some consider naps to be a waste of time, especially with pressing deadlines. However, a power nap can help increase your clarity and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Think of it as an investment in your productivity.

If you’ve never napped before, or haven’t had much success napping, try Fabulous’ power nap guided sessions. You can access these in the Make Me Fabulous segment of the app.

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