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About Us

An award-winning health, wellness, & coaching company that creates apps which fall the top ten internationally. Our science-based approach sits squarely in the tech-for-good lane, helping people live their best lives. Everyone who has joined this company is committed to using evidence-based research to find the absolute best ways to change lives for the better.

Our History

Three co-founders created the Fabulous app: Sami, Amine, and Taylor. Growing up in Tunisia, Sami and Amine were only 16 when they met. With their early iteration, they reached out to Taylor, an award-winning designer in Malaysia. Their vision was welcomed into an incubation lab for startups at Duke University led by world-renowned Behavioral Economics Professor Dan Ariely. Our Chief Storyteller Jaz co-founded the Introductory Psychology program at Stanford University.

Our Approach

We use a behavioral economics lens to help individuals find that ‘on switch’ inside them to achieve their fullest potential. What has emerged is a system that transforms tiny habits into profound long-term changes. A world in which people with ADHD thrive. A method for gratitude to reach through difficulty. A sanctuary to seek out your true purpose. A fountain of knowledge. A space for rest and self compassion. Our family of apps walks with every member through different aspects and phases of their lives.

Our Mission

Help every individual discover the wonderful person inside themselves by creating: beautiful, evidence-based, life-changing products.

Our Environment

The first thing that sets us apart is that we’re not a place at all. While we’re a remote company, it’s not unusual to feel you know your teammates better than those you’ve shared an office with in the past. Ours is a professionally nourishing environment that is flexible and fully remote. Team members enjoy in house challenges and Slack event and work across a variety of tools. Meetings are kept to a minimum and deep work is encouraged.

Our Awards

  • Apple Best Apps of 2018
  • Editor’s app choice in more than 30 countries
  • Winner of Google’s Material Design Award
  • Best App Finalist in Google Play Awards
  • Ranked 5th Health & Fitness app

Our Norms

  • Ownership: Be the CEO of your tasks. No one is watching over your shoulder. Be the proof.
  • Open Communication: Constructive ideas are always flying across time zones.
  • Deep Work: Disconnect. Find your flow. Become industrious. It’s about the work here.
  • Always Offer Context: Sharing rationale works wonders in asynchronous conversations.
  • Impeccable Agreement: Promise, then follow through. Everyone relies on everyone.
  • Egos are checked at the door. Those who join our workforce place themselves in service of our members.

Our Values

#collaboration #craftsmanship #feedback #respect #responsibility #simplicity #speed

Our Future

To this day, over 30 million people have started their journey to better themselves with our apps. We are creating a generation of change-makers, with the same drive to help others, each in their own way.

Our Invitation

Michelangelo, the famous Italian sculptor, once said: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” At Fabulous, every team member is a sculptor in their own right. Together, we help millions of users step out of their block of stone and step into the fullest version of their life. Tell us what drives you; if you were to pick up your tools, what would your contribution look like?

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  • Apple Best Apps of 2018
  • Editor’s app choice in more than 30 countries.
  • Winner of Google’s Material Design Award
  • Best App Finalist in Google Play Awards
  • Ranked 5th Health & Fitness app

Watch our CEO’s presentation below on how we’re using behavioral economics to create better products:

Jobs at Fabulous

All these positions are for Paris, New York, San Francisco, or Remote. We are a remote-first team since our foundation.