#MyFabJourney: Jennifer Hallenbeck

#myfabjourney is a series of stories from our community and how Fabulous has transformed their lives. This is Jennifer’s story.

Do you ever feel that the universe is trying to hit you over the head with something?

As a physical therapist with over 13 years of experience  and having started up my own practise (The Corner Physical Therapy Studio), I have seen a lot of different clients walk in and out of my clinic with an array of health and wellness issues. During one of my typical sessions, I realized one of my clients needed a bit more motivation to help her maintain the exercises I was working with her on for her chronic back pain.

While searching for motivational apps in the Google Play Store, Fabulous popped up as a recommended app. It looked credible enough, so I decided to try it out (I would never recommend something to a client without giving it at least a test run myself).

Before I discovered fabulous, I would have said I gave good health advice—though I didn’t work out daily, I ate reasonably healthy and had average stress levels. Overall, I thought I was doing fine. However, there were times I thought just maybe I was burning the candle at both ends. I worked full-time and was trying to start my own practice for physical therapy, had 2 active boys in sports, and was taking a marketing course. To some, it seemed a bit crazy, but I was able to manage.


So I started my first journey on Fabulous and immediately found extra time in my day. I didn’t even think that was possible, haha. I was getting up earlier, feeling energized with a bit of morning exercise, and still had additional time to make a great breakfast. I couldn’t believe how an app could make such a difference in my routine and life!

Though there were times I thought I could manage my life a bit better, I never expected it to make such a transformative impact. Now I feel…well…Fabulous! I am happier throughout the day, more positive in my relationship with my spouse and kids, and achieving a long-term goal of mine of losing some added weight. And these were all amazingly unintentional aspects of an app I wasn’t even looking to use for myself.

Remember the universe thing I mentioned in the beginning? I was already pleasantly along my journey with Fabulous when I joined a book club on personal development. Our first book? All about making simple choices for an edge in business (exercise, be grateful, eat healthy). How coincidentally perfect is that? I already have an app for that!

What sealed the deal (not that it wasn’t already) was the lecture in my recent marketing course: the power of the morning ritual. With all of these signs from the universe, I know I’m on the right path to success and happiness.

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