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How 4 Fabulous Strangers Embarked on an Unexpected Journey (Part 1)

Himanshu Walia, 30, France I recently moved to Paris from London with my family. Relocating with family is never an easy feat. It involved months of planning and, even then, it took us long to settle in here. As a result I wasn’t getting any exercise and living on junk food. Though I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle, I have never able to make…

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Me, a Backpack, and a Destination

The chilly morning air burns my face when a sharp and powerful gust sends my hair flying in all directions. I don’t mind it; the weather is cold now but won’t be for long and by the time midday hits I’ll be wishing for the chill. I didn’t feel prepared for this trip, but no one is really prepared for a life-changing journey. Life-changing journeys…

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#MyFabJourney: Jennifer Hallenbeck

#myfabjourney is a series of stories from our community and how Fabulous has transformed their lives. This is Jennifer’s story. — Do you ever feel that the universe is trying to hit you over the head with something? As a physical therapist with over 13 years of experience  and having started up my own practise (The Corner Physical Therapy Studio), I have seen a lot of…

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