May 17th, 2018

30 Day Life Well-Balanced Challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes

How many times have you looked at your phone today? If you can’t answer the question, chances are you’ve done it too many times. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We love technology as much as the next person. You’re using it right now to read about this challenge. But it’s become such a fixture in our lives that we’ve lost our balance. It’s time to break your tech addiction and build a healthy relationship with technology.

Our simple 30 day life well-balanced challenge is the answer you need to regain control.

In celebration of the challenge, we’ve also created a new Life Well-Balanced journey that uses behavioral economics to help you start living more intentionally with your devices. Just download the Fabulous app to get started!

If you’re looking for a buddy to join the journey with you, share this with friends and family! It’s always great to have someone close give you that extra motivation every day.

30 Day Life Well-Balanced Challenge

  1. Observe the world around you
  2. Get inspired by your environment
  3. Sit & think for 20min
  4. Find an app that can help you (hint: Fabulous)
  5. Turn off unneeded notifications
  6. Pick a quiet place to read a book
  7. No device use when you wake up
  8. Write 3 things that you’re grateful for
  9. Enjoy the moment vs taking pictures
  10. Cook a new recipe tonight
  11. Start journaling your thoughts
  12. No phone use when you’re socializing
  13. Practice breathing exercises
  14. Charge your device away from your bed
  15. Switch your phone to grayscale (here’s how)
  16. No device use 1hr before bed
  17. Plan a social activity out
  18. Only keep essential apps on your phone
  19. Improve your yoga poses
  20. Go on a nature walk
  21. Enjoy “me” time without distractions
  22. Spend half a day outside exploring
  23. Listen to relaxing music for 15min
  24. Pick up a new habit
  25. Turn on your phone’s blue light filter (here’s how)
  26. Start a new DIY project
  27. Disconnect & unplug for 10min
  28. Complete your to-do list today
  29. Set a time for 25 minutes of deep work
  30. Celebrate how far you’ve come

It’s time to break your tech addiction and build a healthy relationship with technology.

When you’ve completed your life well-balanced challenge, keep it going by checking out our declutter challenge or new year, new you challenge. Discover the motivation you need to achieve your goals and build better habits.

Did you know we also have a Life Well-Balanced Journey? Check it out in the Fabulous app!