February 5th, 2018

30-Day Declutter Challenge

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you looked around your house right now, how would the sight make you feel? If the answer sounds like “overwhelmed,” “anxious,” or “upset,” you’re not alone.

Our simple 30-day challenge to declutter your life might just be the answer you need to clear your mind and put you and your home back on track.

I hate clutter as much as anyone, but it never seems to go away no matter how hard I try to rid it from my life. Remember when you first moved into your new home and everything was neat and tidy? When you knew where everything was and everything looked clean and perfect?

Yeah, I don’t either.

A very messy living area.
Or maybe your house looks a little more like this.

Now is the time to reclaim your home, and get back on track! Our home is our sanctuary from the chaos around us, and If I want to live in a place that makes us feel relaxed and calm after a day out at work or running errands, then it’s up to us to make it happen.

So take the 30-day declutter challenge to clear your mind and home of chaos. And if you’re looking for a buddy to join the challenge with you, share this with friends and family! It’s always a great motivator to have someone close give you that extra motivation every day.

30 Day Declutter Challenge

  1. Organize your bedroom
  2. Clean out one of your closets
  3. Donate unused clothes and toys
  4. Rid your fridge of expired items
  5. Purge your kitchen cabinets
  6. Buy functional storage items
  7. Remove old apps you don’t use
  8. Find an app that can help you (hint: Fabulous😉)
  9. Spend time cleaning your car (if you don’t have a car, pick another kitchen cupboard to organize)
  10. Sort through your mail
  11. Organize your living room
  12. Purge personal accessories
  13. Update & organize your calendar
  14. Clean out your second closet
  15. Clear your mind with meditation
  16. Clear space off your computer
  17. Empty one junk drawer
  18. Get rid of old and worn shoes
  19. Empty out your freezer
  20. Celebrate how far you’ve come
  21. Organize your bathroom toiletries
  22. Delete old emails in your inbox
  23. Clear your wallet of unused items
  24. Empty a second junk drawer
  25. Organize your cleaning supplies
  26. Clear off your kitchen counters
  27. Give away old furniture
  28. Discard old books
  29. Sweep your entry/foyer
  30. Commit to staying decluttered
A tidied shelf against a wall with a mirror revealing a tidy couch.
Once you clean your space, commit to keeping it clean!

TIP: Print out a copy of this calendar or save an image to your phone so you have a constant reminder to complete the daily challenges.

When you’ve completed your declutter challenge, keep it going by checking out our new year, new you challenge. Discover the motivation you need to achieve your goals and build better habits.

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