March 10th, 2021

Why Investing in Your Employees’ Well-Being Boosts Productivity (and Profits!)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you’re trying to grow your business, your first instinct might be to focus on your employees’ output. It’s not unreasonable to think that more productivity equals more profits. But how do you increase your employees’ productivity? We’ll give you a hint: it actually involves working smarter, not harder.

Nicole Carter, a Workforce Health Specialist at Kaiser Permanente, knew exactly this when she started implementing employee wellness-focused policies within her company.

By building well-being as part of her business strategy, Carter is playing the long game, enhancing the company’s culture and employee wellness, which translates to more productive employees and more profitable work.

It’s Not Always About Measurable Outcomes

It can be difficult to measure certain business outcomes, like employee morale, but that doesn’t make them any less important. In the past, quantifiable changes were the only kind that mattered and companies put a premium on short-term incentives that ultimately fell flat of their goal.

Now, however, we know that building a profitable company starts with the employees’ well-being. When you create a positive and enriching environment for your workers, you reduce absenteeism, boost morale, and retain more talent for longer.

The reasoning is simple: People need to be well in order to perform their best. That includes minimizing stress, staying active, and getting enough sleep. In fact, studies show a sleep-deprived employee can be as ineffective as someone under the influence of alcohol!

When Carter began building a positive and healthful environment for her client’s employees, she discovered that quantifiable results weren’t the whole story. You simply can’t put a number to good health and happiness. 

If You Build It, They Will Come

A positive work environment isn’t something that happens overnight. Small, incremental steps are the key to building long-term habits that will resonate with employees. A healthy work culture will keep your employees motivated and even draw in new talent. 

So, how do you build this ideal work environment? The good news is you don’t have to do it alone! With Fabulous for Work, we can help you cultivate exactly the kind of company culture anyone would want to be a part of. Let us help you help your employees!