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Why Investing in Your Employees’ Well-Being Boosts Productivity (and Profits!)

When you’re trying to grow your business, your first instinct might be to focus on your employees’ output. It’s not unreasonable to think that more productivity equals more profits. But how do you increase your employees’ productivity? We’ll give you a hint: it actually involves working smarter, not harder. Nicole Carter, a Workforce Health Specialist at Kaiser Permanente, knew exactly this when she started implementing…

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Dressing for Success Is Real! 4 Tips on How to Win at Work

We’ve all heard the saying before: The clothes make the man! But aside from being a touch outdated—surely the clothes would make a person of any gender—don’t be so quick to roll your eyes. As it turns out, that timeless adage “dress for success” might be more on the money than you might think. What we wear does directly influence not just how other people…

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Hidden Expenses Your HR Department Can Fix

Just like an indulgent daily latte or those impulse purchases at the check-out line of the grocery store, hidden expenses have a way of stealing your money from right under your nose and can leave us scratching your heads when it’s time to balance your company’s budget each month. Even when it seems like you’re doing everything right, the numbers just aren’t adding up. What’s…

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