December 7th, 2021

How To Improve Employee Mental Health With Fabulous

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the dawning Great Resignation, where employees are walking away from thankless jobs en masse, have left employers scratching their heads finding new ways to entice—and retain—good workers. One thing companies are zeroing in on is the importance of mental health, particularly that of their employees. Mentally well workers are more productive and more likely to stick around. But what can a company do to improve employee mental health?

What resources should be made available to ensure its employees thrive? Companies across the globe are taking a variety of different approaches, some more practical than others. One method, however, that’s proving to consistently work, is by developing a holistic wellness program for employees. 

If you’re an employer looking to do the same, don’t worry. You don’t have to design a program from scratch. Fabulous for Work can do all that heavy lifting for you.

Use Live Challenges to Gamify Wellness

Nothing gets people moving like friendly, low-stakes competition. Live Challenges offer the fun of competition while also helping participants build healthy habits. Imagine if everyone in your department was working to build a daily exercise habit. Or what if your whole company simultaneously learned to incorporate some deep work into the day? Or regularly check in with their emotions?

Live Challenges allow everyone at work to participate and work toward the same goal. They’re given an in-app space to cheer each other on and offer support and hold each other accountable. Plus, Fabulous gives employees a space to connect without the context of work, and deeper connections lead to better teamwork at work.

Know Exactly What To Improve by Tracking Wellbeing and Engagement

Employers handling Fabulous for Work get first-hand access to different wellbeing metrics. Track your employees’ wellness and engagement so you can know what their needs are. Productivity dropping? Host a deep work live challenge! Mental wellbeing looking low? You’ll know right away and be able to intervene.

Fabulous for Work helps you track workplace wellness through both quantitative and qualitative means. You’ll get hard data on four different wellness tenants—physical health, mental health, productivity, and connection—to help you make decisions informed by your employees’ behavior. You’ll also get a glimpse of what Fabulous content is most popular at your workplace, along with what goals are most popular, giving you a more personal look at how your workplace interacts with the app.

Of course, the best way to connect with employees is by directly interacting with them. But when that isn’t always possible, tracking wellness at work is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your company’s culture

Create a Space for Workers To Connect, Collaborate, and Cultivate the Ideal Workplace Culture

Fabulous for Work can be the perfect virtual space for your employees to come together. Employees will simultaneously build their own life-changing habits while also building each other within provided community spaces we call Circles.

Circles are a great way to help your employees connect with one another. Circles are interactive discussion boards united by a particular topic or theme. Fabulous’s public Circles tend to focus on specific goals (breaking addiction, meditation, etc.), but there are also Circles for different hobbies and regions of the world.

And the best part? There’s no risk. You’re able to try a Fabulous for Work demo absolutely free of charge. We believe the impact will speak for itself.

According to the AON Global Wellness Survey, 82 percent of employers of companies around the world say employee well-being is important at their company. But the CDC found that almost half of American adults are struggling with their mental health or with substance abuse. That disconnect has cost businesses billions of dollars over the past two decades. Claiming to care about employee well-being is one thing; but what is your company doing to actually take care of your employees? Talking the talk is easy; Fabulous wants to help you walk the walk, too. Are you ready to cultivate the workplace culture of your dreams? Schedule a Fabulous for Work demo and take that first step toward a positive, healthy work environment!