How To Use Fabulous For Work To Boost Teamwork (And Productivity)

It’s no secret that poor individual performance at work can hurt an entire team’s productivity and morale. One missed deadline can create a task traffic jam that stalls the entire project. And bad moods are contagious. 

What can you do? Performance evaluations can feel like a punishment or cause undue anxiety. Team-building initiatives can be complicated to schedule, particularly for remote teams across multiple time zones, and don’t always address the struggles workers experience individually.

Fabulous for Work is different because it’s designed to address difficulties at the individual and team-wide levels. Fabulous works to nurture individual employees while also engaging entire teams to support each other and keep each other accountable.

Here are just a few ways Fabulous for Work can boost your team’s productivity.

Improving Individual Health Makes Working & Performing Together Easier

It’s hard to be your best self when you’re in a bad mood, right? Being tired, stressed, and overwhelmed makes it hard to focus and even harder to communicate and cooperate. 

But Fabulous helps your employees address the sources of that stress and exhaustion by building healthier habits and learning to plan and prioritize tasks. As they build that structure in their habits, stress drains away, employees are happier and healthier, and they can bring their A-game to work every day.

Challenges Promote Friendly Competition

Fabulous’s team-wide challenges can be just the thing to generate a little friendly competition while simultaneously teaching users how to better care for themselves! And Fabulous for Work offers dozens of challenges, from daily walks to photography to self-compassion and beyond!

Want your employees to dedicate a certain amount of time each week to deep work? Start up a deep work challenge! Just make sure the stakes aren’t so high as to cause undue anxiety; simpler rewards (like a pizza party!) can go a long way to motivate people.

Everyone Gets The Specific Support They Need

Custom-making a support plan for every one of your employees sounds daunting, especially if your company is large. But Fabulous eliminates the grunt work and allows users to choose for themselves what they want to work on. Everyone can set their own individual goals and, as they meet those goals, you’ll begin to see company-wide improvements in productivity.

Fabulous Helps You Monitor Results And Celebrate Milestones

There’s no point in setting and working on goals if you’re not going to monitor progress! That’s why Fabulous for Work helps you track milestones across your company around our four pillars: mental health, physical health, connection, and productivity. And, of course, highlighting and celebrating accomplishments can be a real morale booster!

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