November 14th, 2019

6 Things You Can Do on Sunday to Win the Week

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Have you ever spent a Sunday morning lazily sipping a cup of coffee and wondering what to do with the rest of the day? Modern life is often so hectic that almost all of us are less focused on how to win the week ahead and more focused on just keeping our heads above water.

So, when you wake up groggy on a Sunday morning, it’s natural to feel a little lost. It’s probably the only day of the week you haven’t planned for. You deserve to relax and do nothing, right?

Or would you rather do a few simple things that’ll greatly improve your whole week?

Six Simple Steps for Sundays to Win the Week Ahead

There’s a difference between doing work and being efficient. The following six steps might seem small, but they’ll free up a lot of time for you throughout the week. You’ll be less stressed and more in control! And don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the weekend!

Before you start improving your Sundays, make sure your physical and mental space is free of stress and clutter. Take up the “Declutter Challenge” to cleanse your environment and get ready for a peaceful and productive weekend!

Review Your Calendar

Monday to Saturday was probably a blur for you. After six days of interactions at work and home, conversations with friends, colleagues, and strangers, chances are you need to refresh your mind about what comes next. Take your time to go through your calendar. Pencil in any new commitments you might have taken on during the week. Check how you are progressing with regard to your short- and long-term goals.

If Sundays are when you catch your breath, reviewing your calendar means you’re looking back and looking ahead. Adjusting your actions once every seven days will help ensure you don’t lose sight of what’s important.

Block Out Time For Top Priorities

What’s the biggest benefit of filling up your calendar for the week after reviewing your calendar? You’ll have a much better idea of what’s truly important. Everybody has just 24 hours in a day, and the most successful people win their week by reserve time for their top priorities before committing to anything else. If you have an important project to submit by the end of next week, as well as an office party to plan, block out your time accordingly. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the party knowing you took care of your work commitments!

Getting clear on your goals can help you focus your time and energy on what’s important. Start the “One Big Thing” Challenge to tackle the most important priorities of the day!

Schedule Your Workouts

Right after you’ve earmarked time for the most important work of the week, plan your workouts. Think of the previous two steps when you go about planning your workout schedule. What times have been productive for you in the past? Have there been weeks when you couldn’t work out because the schedule wasn’t right? By understanding the hours that can’t be rescheduled, you’ll be better able to plan your workouts. Else you might end up having to choose between gym and getting ready for an important meeting!

Be sure to also consider physiological and psychological factors when deciding your weekly workout plan. Are you a morning or evening person? Do you like to exercise before breakfast or after? Don’t make a perfect workout plan: make a pragmatic one. The best workout plan is the one you’ll follow successfully. It doesn’t have to look impressive on paper if it’s having real positive impacts on your life and health.

Ready to schedule your workouts but don’t have a workout to follow? With the “Start an Exercise Habit” Journey, you’ll get the guidance you need to begin your fitness routine!

Stock Fridge with Healthy Snacks

What’s one of the most common reasons for unhealthy eating? Cravings? Lack of self-control? Indifference? No. It’s simply the lack of access to healthy food. Think of all the times you’ve found yourself eating a bag of chips or a chocolate bar. Chances are they were the only things within reach that could satisfy your hunger.

Of course, you can’t win the week on an empty stomach! The best way to ensure you remain healthy throughout the week is by stocking the fridge properly during the weekend. Sundays are perfect for this since you won’t be rushed for time or buying impulsively because you’re shopping on an empty stomach like you might be if you shopped after work.

Buy enough fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and other healthy snacks that can fuel your body and mind for the next six days. If you arrange the fridge well on Sunday, you won’t feel guilty when you open it throughout the week!

Set Your Monday Morning Agenda

Many people get lulled into a false sense of complacency on Sunday. They sit back, watch T.V., and relax. This isn’t in and of itself bad, mind you. But when Monday rolls around, and they have to dash around trying to get everything in order, it definitely feels like poor planning!

Monday is both a new day and the beginning of a brand-new week. So dedicate a portion of your Sunday evening towards preparing for Monday morning. Whether that means arranging your clothes for the office or packing your lunch in advance, make sure you’re not starting your Monday morning by burning your tongue on hot coffee gulped down in a hurry!

Give Thanks for Another Week of Life

There are countless ways to prepare for the next week, next month, and next year on the calendar. But none of that will be worth much if you are not able to truly value what you’ve already experienced. We live in a world that’s incredibly fast-paced and almost always short of breath. So spend your Sundays taking deep breaths. Clear your mind of worries and plans, chores and deadlines. And meditate about all that you are grateful for. It’ll allow you to truly appreciate all that you have.

Ending your day with a gratitude practice actually makes you happier! Take up the “Practice Gratitude” Challenge today and improve your mood, your relationships and how you feel about life!

Beat the Monday Morning Blues and Win the Week

Once you implement these six simple steps on Sundays, your Mondays will no longer be annoying, stressful, or hectic. You’ll be well-rested, well organized, and waiting to fully utilize the week ahead!