April 18th, 2018

Meet the App Revolutionizing Your Monday Mornings

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Some of the most successful people in the world have one thing in common: their outlook on the week. When you wake up Monday morning dreading the coming week, how can you possibly perform at your best?

If you’re wondering how can learn to look at Mondays with a smile, then look no further than the Fabulous app.

Founded in 2013, The Fabulous gives you the opportunity to be a better you by teaching you to build habits that kick off your week with energy

The Fabulous will teach you how to find motivation to take on the week, so you’ll be more focused, more productive, and feel better overall.

Here are five things you can do to transform your Monday morning

1. Get Inspired

The “Get Inspired” feature on the Fabulous app is full of different ways to become motivated when you find yourself in a slump. Different people are inspired in different ways, so you might need to try a few things before you figure out what inspires you, but once you do, build it into your daily rituals until it becomes second nature.

It could be a breathing exercise, or writing in a journal, or reading the news, but becoming inspired is a key to having a good week. If you don’t feel inspired, it’ll be hard to dredge up the motivation to complete daily tasks.

2. Make the first thing you do something you love

Of course you won’t look forward to the week if your first task is something you hate! Try scheduling something you love as the first thing you do Monday morning. You may have to wake up earlier, but waking up early to do something you love is significantly easier than waking up later for something you dread.

It can be something simple, like playing catch with your dog, or reading the news. If you’d rather something that requires more time, go for a run or work on a personal project.

3. Eat a big hearty breakfast

Forget weekend brunch, do Monday breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we so often sleep in until the last minute on Monday morning and have to settle for a piece of toast and a coffee until lunch. Wouldn’t we all be much more motivated if we started the week off with something delicious, filling, and healthy?

Make breakfast at home for yourself, or convince your friends to join you at Monday morning brunch! Or, if you’re determined to sleep in, a creamy fruit smoothie is a great morning treat. Plus, they only take a couple minutes to make!

4. Outline the week

Knowing your schedule for the week before it actually starts will help you feel more in control of your life. You don’t have to plan your days by the hour, but knowing about important deadlines and must-do tasks in advance eliminates the stress of forgetting.

5. Get in the right Mindset

Depending on the type of person you are and what gives you energy, it’s important to be in your right headspace when the week starts. If you’re a calm introvert who gets overwhelmed easily, try meditation or breathing exercises when you wake up. If you’re an extrovert and you need to socialize, call someone you love to chat for a few minutes. It all depends on what sort of headspace you thrive in.