January 23rd, 2019

The Perfect Morning Ritual to Make You Feel Energized for the Entire Day

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Have you ever wondered how that “morning person” friend or coworker always seems to bring an endless supply of energy into the day? Chances are, they didn’t just roll out of bed that way. If you ask them what their “secret” is, you might come to learn that while you were hitting snooze, they were hitting the weight room or the trail. Being around that kind of… oomph… when you’ve barely managed to drag yourself out of bed is inspiration enough to plan tomorrow morning’s workout.

But starting a morning exercise routine is no small feat. At first, you might feel tired or just plain miserable. The biggest roadblock is finding a rhythm, but you don’t need an iron will to get past it. You need a strong habit. And it starts right now. The Fabulous has a Morning Exercise challenge to get you rolling with your first week of workouts.

Building the perfect recipe

A solid morning workout routine extends beyond the reps or miles you clock in, and so do its benefits. You can think about a morning workout like a loaf of bread: you need to plan ahead, be patient, and use the right ingredients to make it light and satisfying. If you’ve ever searched for a bread recipe before, you know everyone thinks their version is the best.

We have some “ingredients” to start with, but we don’t suggest you add the whole pantry. Try the tips that stand out and adjust as you like. With bread and workouts alike, what’s important is that your recipe works for you.

Prep: The night before…

  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you think you need to, especially if working out in the morning is new for you. You’ll want time to make sure you have what you need for your workout and your day without having to rush out the door. The only thing worse than being tired is being tired and rushed. Choose an alarm sound that makes you want to jump out of bed, then keep the music playing to keep your spirits up.
  • Make a pump-up playlist that makes you feel confident, cheerful, and ready to groove! Don’t know where to start? Ask a friend for their favorite workout tunes. That way, you’ll also solidify your commitment to your plan by opening yourself up to being held accountable.
  • Set your phone’s wallpaper to an inspiring image or phrase. A picture or quote from someone you admire gives you something to aspire to. It can help replace negative thoughts with more encouraging self-talk.
  • Think about how you usually feel in the morning and use that information to figure out how to work with your body, not against it. If you tend to wake up hungry, have a light snack ready. You don’t want something avoidable like a growling stomach to leave you with an unpleasant memory of your workout, or you’ll never want to do it again.

Prep: The morning of…

  • Stimulate your senses with “wake up” signals. When your alarm goes off, and all you want to do is stay in bed, it’s time to get your mind and body on board with your plan. You can try splashing cold water on your face or breathing in an invigorating scent. Roll-on some tea tree, mint, or eucalyptus aromatherapy or just wash your hands with your favorite soap.
  • Do a mental check-in. No matter how prepared you are, you’ll come up against some internal resistance. That’s when you need to check in and get real about how you actually feel. Challenge any storylines about how you’re ‘not a morning person’ or ‘not into fitness’ to shift out of negative thinking. The Wall meditation can be a great place to start and only takes 6 minutes.
  • Have some coffee. You could even brew it the night before and chill it in the fridge for a refreshing iced coffee. As long as you drink it black, coffee is a great pre-workout drink to improve your energy, endurance, and more.

Bake: The workout…

  • Start your warm-up early. If your gym has a sauna, lace up your sneakers and put on any other gear in there. Heating things up before you get moving can help loosen stiffness and ease you into your active warm-up.
  • Look around. You’re probably not alone! And you’re definitely not the only one who struggled to get going. There can be a lot of camaraderie among the morning workout crowd, so draw fuel from that.
  • Use any mirrors in your space to monitor your form and stay focused. Your own reflection can be a tool to keep you safe, motivated, and injury-free.
  • Have a plan. If you need some direction, you can try the popular, science-based, 7-minute workout MMF.

After your workout:

  • Take a shower or have a quick rinse if you’re in a time crunch. Whoever you meet next will thank you, and this will be something refreshing to look forward to during your next morning sweat!
  • Take another moment to integrate. Do you feel the endorphins and sense of accomplishment? Having a clear memory of how good you feel now will convince you to get out of bed next time.
  • Reward yourself. When you balance discipline with indulgence, you have a sustainable and enjoyable combination. Treat yourself however you like – it can be a delicious, healthy breakfast to refuel or a simple cup of coffee to keep you buzzing.

Just like there’s a bread for every occasion, there’s a workout routine for every person, every season, and every fitness level. The Fabulous is the perfect workout partner, no matter what you’re ready for right now. You can start with an Exercise Habit Journey.

No matter what your fitness recipe looks like now, Fabulous has ingredients for you keep things fresh as you add and adjust over time. Even if you’re among the many who have called it quits your morning sweat sessions in the past, starting over is just one workout away. What better way to recommit to your 2019 goals than by a hitting the ground running each day with some exercise?