November 13th, 2017

Meet the App That Can Help You Build the 6 Habits of Successful People

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What are the habits of successful people? A study conducted by Duke University found that up to 45% of our daily behaviors are automatic. This means you spend close to 1 out of every 2 minutes doing something you’re not even aware of.

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The 6 Morning Must-Have Habits of Successful People

1. Time

Time is invaluable, and highly successful people value every minute. Most are “morning people”, waking up at 5:30AM – or even as early as 4:00AM.

However, if you’re a “night owl”, you can still have a productive morning. The only difference is that your morning may begin a little later. When starting your day, the most important thing is to wake up according to your body’s clock. For instance, if you struggle with falling asleep before midnight, forcing yourself to get up at 5:00AM may lead to burnout. Instead, wake up comfortably at the time that’s right for you.

2. Water

Hydration is essential, especially after a long sleep. Your body may be mildly dehydrated, so once you’re awake, jumpstart your metabolism with a large glass of water.

3. Exercise

Start your day with an exhilarating rush of endorphins and clarity.

Many successful people incorporate a form of exercise into their morning routines to stay healthy and combat stress. But it doesn’t need to be intense or time-consuming.

If the idea of an hour-long gym session seems daunting, start with a week long Fabulous one-minute stretching challenge.

4. Visualization

Willpower is a finite resource, and motivation can be fleeting. Successful people realize this, so every morning, they take a few minutes to visualize their goals and review their tasks for the day. During your morning routine, close your eyes and imagine your desires and deepest wishes. Hold onto them as you go about your day.

5. Mindfulness

A calm, clear head is an asset for any highly successful person. Add at least 5-10 minutes of peaceful solitude to your mornings to keep you relaxed.

You can even recite an uplifting mantra or prayer if you wish, or simply focus on your breathing. Start with a Fabulous 5-minute breather as an introduction to finding your calm.

6. Family and relationships

It can be difficult to balance work with family and relationships, so prioritizing is key. Many leaders use their morning hours to reconnect with their spouses, partners, or children.

Before you head out the door or sit in your home office, set aside some time to get your children dressed or go on a “breakfast date” with your partner. Make it a habit to bond with your loved ones and be present in their lives.

Bonus: A “Pre-Do” List

Some successful people begin their mornings before they’ve even climbed into bed.

To help you get a head start on your day, try making a to-do list on the night before. Write down the tasks you want to accomplish tomorrow, and use that list to start your day.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Build the same morning habits of successful people and boost your success with your own energizing morning routine. With these 6 must-haves, you’ll be ready to seize the day.

Fabulous can help you completely transform your mornings. Try our Unexpected Journey to get you started on the path to personal development today!

What is Fabulous Daily Motivation?
Based on behavioral economics, Fabulous is the slow-moving productivity and motivational app that just might succeed in helping you build long-term habits. Join today!

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