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The Perfect Morning Ritual to Make You Feel Energized for the Entire Day

Have you ever wondered how that “morning person” friend or coworker always seems to bring an endless supply of energy into the day? Chances are, they didn’t just roll out of bed that way. If you ask them what their “secret” is, you might come to learn that while you were hitting snooze, they were hitting the weight room or the trail. Being around that…

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3 Exercises to do at Home (When You’re Sick of the Gym)

Do you feel like you should be exercising more? Do you hate the gym? Is running kind of ‘meh’ for you? You’re definitely not alone. We have nothing against the gym, but let’s be honest: It’s not for everyone. For many, having exercises to do at home isn’t just better, but necessary. Does this mean we all need to invest in dumbbells and a treadmill…

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Fabulous Uncovers: Is it Healthy to Exercise Before Bed?

Today, we’re uncovering whether exercise before bed is good or bad for you. The best time of day to exercise has been a subject of debate among health and fitness experts for years. Some swear that mornings are the best time while others insist that later in the day is better. For every argument in favor of one time of day over another, there is…

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