November 8th, 2018

Finding Your Purpose: Discover What you can Achieve with a New Fabulous Journey

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Fabulous users, get ready for a new and exciting journey to discover your untapped potential. We’ll show you how to combine your interests with unwavering perseverance to accomplish your greatest goals.

Your journey to creating purpose begins now

This journey will show you how to foster a tenacious spirit which will guide and motivate you towards your true purpose. Successful people are armed not only with talent but with a “can-do” attitude and a high degree of self-belief. This powers them through doubt and supercharges their productivity.

It’s not enough to have a passion or a deep interest in a topic or a goal. For true achievement, you must combine your passions with a dogged determination to persevere even against obstacles and barriers to your success.

Consider the amount of rejection and setbacks that many well-known artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and scientists have faced. Think about how many times they may have been told that their ideas, their plans, and their passions were pointless, unworthy of attention, or plain wrong. If they had accepted defeat at the first hurdle we wouldn’t have many of the advancements, life-changing products, or moving works of art we enjoy today.

Self belief and perseverance are the key to true success

Success in our lives is rarely linear. We face setbacks, we encounter rejection and obstacles and we may begin to lose faith in our abilities. This is normal but to overcome these difficulties we need a plan.

If you need support to believe in yourself and your unique talents, this journey is for you. We will help you to identify your passions and your true purpose. You’ll also learn how to turn practice and a hopeful attitude into the perseverance needed to achieve all your dreams.

Psychologist Angela Duckworth in her book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, interviewed many high powered successful innovators and industry experts. She found that they had a few things in common. They each had an interest, a passion that dominated their thoughts, their research and indeed their lives. They were deeply committed and interested in a particular idea or topic. However, passion alone only amounts to a hobby, a pastime.

What they combined with this passion, and what you will discover through this journey, is the power of perseverance. Despite challenges, they stayed true to their vision, and with unwavering grit and determination they plowed on until the finish line was in sight. Duckworth created a grit scale, which she used to measure the amount of plucky perseverance people have.

During this journey, you will concentrate on improving your grit score by identifying barriers to your success, developing focus to cope with the demands of modern life, and cultivating a sense of self-belief to power through any obstacle.

As you learn more about your own motives and your approach to completing tasks and setting goals, you will discover your grit potential. This is not a static measurement, you can flex and tone your ability to persevere against any resistance just like a muscle.

You’ll develop the skills to push back against criticism whilst also taking a deep self-audit to understand both your limitations and your, as yet, untapped success.

Through a study of the psychology of achievement, we’ll show you how successful people are not unique magical beings. They are just like you. But they have harnessed their purpose with practice and self-belief. They see setbacks as a chance to refine their ideas. They create opportunities from any obstacles they face. You are about to learn how to do this as well.

Are you ready to embark on a whole new journey?

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