May 10th, 2022

Developing Mental and Emotional Well-being for a Modern Workforce

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Mental health in the workplace has become a major priority for businesses over the past few years. The consensus is clear on what employees need to succeed—less stress, more rest, and access to quality healthcare resources. Developing mental and emotional well-being for a modern workforce may come at a cost but the return on investment is high. 

Imagine a more productive workspace where employees are producing higher-quality work. Collaboration is smoother. Retention drops as employees feel secure enough to stick around. Employees get sick less often, requiring fewer sick days and decreasing insurance costs.

Are you ready to transform your business? Then you’ve got to start by supporting your employees.

Well-being at work starts with company culture

Take a moment right now to reflect on your company’s culture. Do employees get along? Is your workplace a safe space for employees to get help when they’re struggling? Is mental health something managers talk about regularly?

Workplace wellness begins and ends with the company culture. Workplaces are delicate ecosystems. Employees need to feel safe, secure, trusted and appreciated. If they don’t, they won’t take risks, they won’t speak up when there’s a problem, and they’ll jump ship as soon as they get the chance.

If you want to bring in and retain top talent, then your workplace needs to be a place where people want to work.

A modern workforce needs modern tools to succeed

When COVID-19 struck, many companies moved to remote or hybrid working to keep their employees safe. This transformed the modern workforce while also bringing to light some serious inequalities between employees.

Without access to the technology available at the office, many workers struggled to adapt to these changes. Working alone in a quiet office with a powerful computer and high-speed internet is very different from working in a busy living room with a cheap laptop and unreliable wi-fi. But that became the reality for a lot of people, affecting workplace mental health and the quality of work produced.

Making sure employees have the tools they need to succeed is a simple way to keep the playing field level. Something as simple as a computer upgrade can completely change how effectively someone works. Plus, Zoom meetings go much more smoothly when everyone has a good camera and microphone!

Now is a good time to review what technology, systems, and tools your company currently uses and whether upgrades or changes might be worth it. You might also consider going beyond work-specific tools. Gym memberships, meal kit services, and on-demand therapy tools are also invaluable for people trying to navigate the modern working world.

Fabulous can supplement a workplace wellness program

When it comes to developing the mental and emotional well-being of your employees, there is no better substitute to access to changing the culture and providing access to health resources. The data speaks for itself: No amount of meditation workshops and pizza parties will give you the results you want.

However, wellness solutions like Fabulous have been shown to be excellent supplements for employee well-being. While it’s not a substitute for therapy, Fabulous can fill in the gaps between sessions and keep users on task when working toward different wellness goals.

Fabulous also offers peer support and coaching, two powerful tools in the wellness toolkit that can also improve mental wellness outcomes. We’ve served millions of users as well as businesses like yours, hoping to find a wellness solution that’s both accessible and backed by science.

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