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How To Build A Culture Of Well-being In The Hybrid Workplace

The working world is undergoing a tremendous sea change. As some companies are beginning their tentative returns to the office, many others are realizing that working remotely has its own advantages. As a result, a hybrid model of working that includes both remote and on-site work is becoming increasingly popular. Hybrid work is convenient, cost-effective, and makes jobs more accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t…

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Break Free of Your Inner Voice and Live with an Untethered Soul

Imagine you’re at a movie theater to see a film. This theater is special, however; instead of just sitting in a seat and watching the movie, the theater completely immerses you in the experience. You are able to smell, taste, and feel everything that’s going on around you. You even hear the protagonist’s thoughts as if they were your own. According to Michael A. Singer,…

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GibiASMR on her YouTube Success, Motivations, and Life

Gibi is one of the most popular ASMR YouTubers with over 500k subscribers tuning into her channel every day to relax and calm their minds. Her style of ASMR focuses from roleplay and makeup tutorials, to cosplay and original characters. This is her story —– My adventure with YouTube began in 2006 with a close group of friends. We created a channel and made simple comedy…

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