May 31st, 2022

5 Ways To Build Resilience With Fabulous

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you’re a business leader, you probably already recognize the value of a resilient workplace and how it can help with employee development and improve business outcomes. But how do you build resilience in the workplace?

Fabulous offers a variety of ways to incorporate resilience into your employees’ daily activities. In this blog post, we’ll go over just a few of the ways Fabulous can help you build resilience at work.

Make Resilience a Habit

Above all, we at Fabulous believe that our daily habits are the scaffolding off of which we build our lives. It’s like Aristotle said: We are what we repeatedly do. 

So, if you want to build resilience at work, resilience must become a daily habit. Luckily, developing new habits and tracking your progress is Fabulous’s bread and butter.

Here are some great habits to help build resilience into your daily routine:

  • Write in Your Journal
  • Be Grateful
  • Meditate
  • Emotional Check-Up
  • Celebrate!

Above all, building resilience involves building mental agility and emotional regulation. Any habit that helps you accomplish those things is a solid place to start.

Connect With People in Fabulous Circles

People all over the world are working on improving themselves and their lives through the Fabulous app. Whether it’s people learning to be more mentally fit, express their creativity, or break a bad habit like smoking, everyone is looking to build resilience in their own way.

Fabulous Circles are social feeds users can access within the app to interact with other people working on the same goals they are. Users support one another, offer advice, and join in celebrating victories and milestones. 

Try the Pillars of Self-esteem Journey

For those looking for an in-depth guide on building habits, Fabulous Journeys are the place to go. Fabulous’s first Journey teaches users the basics of building good habits, manipulating your environment to better serve your goals, and how important it is to start small and celebrate often.

But if you’re looking for a Journey that more specifically touches on resilience and self-worth, the Pillars of Self-esteem Journey is the Journey for you. The Pillars of Self-Esteem will walk you through how self-esteem is developed and why having good self-esteem is important for being resilient. It also includes a lot of the habits we mentioned earlier!

Participate in a Live Challenge

Completing a Fabulous Challenge—picking one specific goal to achieve in a short time period and focusing all your energy on it—is satisfying no matter what. There’s something extra special about Live Challenges, though. You aren’t alone, for one: others participating are right there with you in a unique social feed, just like a Fabulous Circle, for the duration of the challenge. You get to see other people enduring the same hardships and overcoming the same obstacles. And, perhaps most importantly, the live element gives people a chance to exchange ideas and learn from one another. 

These are some great resilience-building Live Challenges:

  • 5-Day Letting Go Challenge
  • 14-Day Emotional Check-up Challenge
  • 7-Day Practice Gratitude Challenge
  • 5-Day Love Yourself Challenge

Listen to the Fabulous Coaching Series

Finally, sometimes an encouraging word is the best way to stoke your motivational fire when you’re feeling down. It’s one of many reasons Fabulous offers dozens of different Coaching Series, including live one-on-one Coaching to help you stay on track and implement new habits.

But even if one-on-one coaching isn’t what you’re looking for (by the way, have we mentioned that you can book it directly in the app?), Fabulous has a number of pre-recorded Coaching sessions that are great ways to build resilience and emotional fortitude.

For building resilience, we recommend:

  • Burnout
  • Becoming Resilient
  • Find Your “Why”
  • Self-Love Is Yours
  • Self-Respect from Within
  • Confidence Booster
  • Self-Belief, Uncovered

How do you use Fabulous to build resilience at your company? Share your tips with us; you might help someone!