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Why Build Good Habits If You’ll Just Fail?

No one ever said change was easy. In fact, changing your habits–either by developing good habits or breaking bad ones–can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It’s hard to change behavior because it’s such a deep part of who we are that we don’t even think about it, even while we’re doing it. I’m sorry to say it, but if you try…

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Option B: How to Cope When Option A Isn’t Available

When Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s daughter had an upcoming father/daughter dance, she begged and sobbed for her husband, Dave Goldberg, to go with her. It was the only thing Sandberg truly wanted, but she knew it would never come to pass; Goldberg had died unexpectedly two weeks earlier. When Option A isn’t available The tragedy of losing her husband sent Sandberg into a tailspin of…

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