October 18th, 2018

QUIZ: Are You Living Your Dream Life?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“Live your dreams!” That’s the advice we all hear at some point or another in our lives. We’re told to shoot for the stars and achieve everything that we can. But what does a “dream life” even look like?

Our dreams can vary from person to person. They even change as we grow older.

The shortest answer is that a dream life can look like anything! You could be living your dream life right now and not even realize it. A life of happiness, purpose, and security is all we really need, and that can look different from person to person.

But what if you’re not living your dream life? What if you’re nowhere near it? The steps to change your life are simple, but first, you have to figure out where you are on your journey.

Try our quiz below to see how close you are to your dream life.

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Steps to Change Your Life

Looking for ideas on how to change your life? Let us guide you with our Fabulous app. Or, try one of these simple suggestions:

The easiest way to live your dreams is to discover what those dreams are. Only then can you start taking actionable steps toward achieving that dream life you crave. One Fabulous way to do this (see what we did there?) is by embarking upon The Purpose-Driven Life Journey, located in the Fabulous app. Give it a try and unlock your purpose!