Quiz: Do You Need Help with Achieving Your Goals?

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1. I meditate often
2. I've downloaded an app like Fabulous to help keep track of my goals
3. I've already achieved one of my goals
4. I spend 15 minutes every morning exercising
5. I've been eating healthy meals at least half the week
6. I eat breakfast every morning (or starting to)
7. I start everyday with a positive mindset
8. I spend time reflecting on what I want to accomplish
9. I start the day by asking what I want to accomplish today
10. I give myself a bit of me time each day
11. I'm not taking too much on
12. I'm trying to new ways to stay healthy (e.g. yoga)
13. I spend time with people I love
14. I try to go out for a 15min run/walk each day
15. I'm reading a new book
16. I'm spending less time worrying about what others think
17. I feel productive throughout the day
18. I have a ton of energy when I wake up every morning
19. I find ways to help me relax and stay calm
20. I laugh at silly mistakes I make
21. I'm determined to succeed this year
22. I'm cutting down on sugar
23. I'm getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep
24. I'm drinking water every morning when I wake up
25. I periodically donate belongings I no longer need
26. I try to clean/organize my home consistently
27. I'm cutting down on eating junk snacks
28. I celebrate my success (big or small)
29. I know what I need to do to achieve my goals
30. I have a positive outlook about this year

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We'll let you know if you need our help

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