QUIZ: What New Exercise Activity Should You Try?

We'll tell you what you should try next

Don't "weight" too long to take this quiz! 😉

Let's be honest; hitting the gym can get stale pretty quickly. You can do the same half hour on the treadmill + a half hour with the free weights for the rest of your life and reap the health benefits but talk about boring!

If you're looking to branch out, let us suggest a way to spice up your workout routine.

What's wrong with your current exercise routine?

1. It feels impractical. Am I REALLY ever going to need to know how to do the perfect push-up?
2. I'd just rather do my own thing at my own pace.
3. My options are limited due to illness/injury, experience level, or age.
4. It's BORING.
5. I'm sick of being stuck in the gym.
6. I like what I'm doing but I'm ready to take it to the next level.

How much are you willing to invest in your new workout?

1. I have all the time and money in the world.
2. I can put a little money down if need be.
3. My resources are pretty limited.

Would you rather exercise alone or in a group?

1. I love groups! The bigger the better!
2. I'm a loner, thanks.
3. I wouldn't mind being in a small group.

People who know me would describe me as...

1. Chill
2. Free-Spirited
3. Wild
4. Energetic
5. Thoughtful
6. Eccentric

Are you an outdoorsy type?

1. I'd live outside if I could!
2. My ideal workout could be done inside AND outside!
3. If there was a Starbucks in my living room I'd never go outside again.
4. I love nature more than I like most people.
5. I like to exercise outside when the weather's nice.
6. I don't mind the outdoors but you're never going to catch me far from indoor plumbing.

How would you describe your typical energy levels?

2. I live for a good adrenaline rush!
3. I'm a thrill-seeker but I like a slower pace sometimes.
4. Pretty average, I guess.
5. I like to get adventurous once in a while.
6. Nonexistent?

How do you want to feel after a workout?

1. Serene
2. Happy!
4. Refreshed
5. Proud
6. Powerful

All 7 questions completed!

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We'll tell you what you should try next

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