Quiz: How Healthy Are You Really?

Have you really learned to live the Fabulous life?

Wake up, but evaluate whether you really need a job
Hit the snooze button
Wake up in zombie mode
Drink a glass of water

Full meal with proteins, grains, and fiber
Can't even think about food this early!
Coffee is my only savior
Some kind of fruit

Mentally prepare to get myself through the day
Run back to bed and get extra sleep
Do a little exercise (yoga, stretching, etc)
Walk up and down my stairs

Focused...at trying to find creative ways to sleep!
Having a chat with coworkers
Work hard in the morning to relax in the afternoon
Going for a quick walk break every hour or so

Whatever requires the least amount of walking
Meal I prepped for lunch
Still snacking on my veggie sticks. I'll eat later
Go out, but grab something relatively healthy

Eat whatever is left over, even if it's not enough to fill me up.
Call a friend and head out for dinner
Grab the greasiest thing you can find to fill you up
Buy groceries to have a home cooked meal

Fall asleep on the couch with the tv on
Only weak people go to sleep. I'm a night owl!
Brush your teeth and head to bed for a good night sleep
do a quick exercise before bed (e.g. meditation, stretch)

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Have you really learned to live the Fabulous life?

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