November 27th, 2017

#MyFabJourney: Miriam Walsh

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It had been a rough few years leading up to this moment…

Fresh off a divorce, and having moved from one home to another, I inevitably started picking up some bad habits, and it was getting to me. During a conversation with my doctor I had an epiphany; a moment of realization where I knew I had to make some changes. And I had to start immediately or else I’d slip back into old habits.

As a natural instinct, I turned my attention to my phone to find habit tracking apps, and that’s when I came across Fabulous. I didn’t have incredibly high expectations when I downloaded Fabulous, but it turned out to be one of the better things to happen to me in recent times.

Not too long into the app and it has done so much more for me than I ever expected. I’ve actually started creating long-lasting habits, and it’s made me a healthier and happier person overall. The journeys Fabulous has created are so visually engaging and very informative—it’s like my own personal motivational coach. Going on this journey has gotten me so excited to play around with the the rest of the journeys Fabulous has to offer.

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The thing I’m most appreciative for on Fabulous is the morning alarm! It has achieved what nothing in the past has been able to achieve…successfully get me up in the morning and to start exercising regularly. They’re now a part of my everyday morning routine, and it’s been a great way to start my days.

Currently, I’m working on the Healthy Eating journey, and while I’ve had some days that have been more successful than others, the app is so good at motivating me to get back on track whenever I slide back down. Because of this, I haven’t gotten discouraged or given up once. I can see myself using the daily rituals for a long time, and continuously modifying them until they are perfect for me, or until I feel I need another change.

I think it’s safe to say the next few years (and hopefully the ones after that) will be Fabulous!

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