June 7th, 2022

Fabulous Webinar: How to Retain Top Talent with Bev Kaye

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Are you looking to attract top talent to your organization? Do you want to learn more about attracting—and retaining—the best of the best? 

Then we’ve got the webinar for you.

Join us on June 21st for our Fabulous webinar, “How to retain and attract top talent by prioritizing employee well-being,” presented by best-selling author and thought leader Dr. Beverly Kaye, at 12 PM Eastern Time.

In this webinar, Bev Kaye and our own Anne Tessier-Chênebeau will be discussing strategies for managers to recruit and retain top talent in their organizations. Gallup’s research shows that employees’ well-being and their engagement at work directly influence one another. A happy, healthy employee is more creative, more engaged, and more productive. 

Only 100 seats are available, so don’t miss your chance to attend! Register at the link below to reserve a spot and join us to learn how to combine employee engagement and well-being solutions to create a thriving workplace everyone will be clamoring to join!

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About the presenters

Dr. Beverly Kaye

The founder of Bev Kaye & Co. and the best-selling author of multiple books on career development and engagement, including Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em, and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go.

Beverly Kaye’s name is recognized internationally as a professional dedicated to helping individuals, managers and organizations understand the practical “how-to” principles of employee development, engagement and retention. Her books and learning materials have stood the test of time. Read more on Bev’s website.

Here’s what people say about Bev’s events! “You were so amazing! I was simply blown away by how much ground you covered in such a short period of time and how approachable and inspiring your delivery was. We had attendees from all over the world and it was fun to see the chat feature so active with attendees responding to your frameworks and your invitations to take more control of their development and career. You were simply extraordinary! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, talent, and compassion with all of us.” – Anne Gotte, EcoLab, Senior VP, Global Talent Management Human Resources, Member Diversity and Inclusion Council

Anne Tessier-Chênebeau

Anne has spent almost two decades in the tech industry, holding executive sales and general management positions. Anne started her career in governmental and diplomatic institutions and soon transitioned to executive roles in tech companies such as ATOS, Linedata and Synertrade. She is inspired by supporting clients’ global transformation strategy, coaching her teams to unleash their full potential and boosting the collective energy of value creation, well-being, performance and engagement. Based on this passion, she naturally joined Fabulous as Managing Director for Enterprise. Anne is also a breathwork and meditation coach who loves helping people and organizations reveal their full potential to thrive.

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