March 22nd, 2022

4 Ways Fabulous Can Help Boost Employee Engagement

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There’s a big culture shift happening in the corporate world. What was once a drive for profits at the exclusion of all else has now moved toward cultivating a mindset of employee wellness. The reason is simple: Employee engagement and employee wellness both lead to better productivity, less turnover, and more profitability

Engaged employees feel invested in the work they do. They feel like they’re contributing to something larger than themselves, giving them a sense of purpose and belonging. Moreover, employees who are healthy and happy are able to perform better at work and are better collaborators.

What we’re getting at is: boosting employee engagement at work should be a top priority of your business if it isn’t already!

We designed Fabulous for Work specifically with the goal of boosting employee engagement in mind. Fabulous is a wellness solution that integrates seamlessly into your workplace culture and adds a number of useful engagement tools to your toolkit. Here are some of our favorites.

Pulse Surveys Make Sure Nobody Gets Left Behind

If you’re a leader or manager at your company, especially a larger company, it can be overwhelming trying to get to know each of your employees as well as you’d like. Checking in with everyone every day just might not be feasible. But you won’t know what engagement or wellness supports your employees need if you can’t regularly check in with them.

Enter our Pulse Surveys. Fabulous keeps track of different wellness metrics, such as connection and productivity, and grants you a bird’s-eye view of how everyone on your team is doing. Employees are able to report how they feel without judgment and employers get a snapshot of who is struggling with what—and how you can best support them.

Circles Give Employees a Space To Engage With Each Other

In our remote and hybrid world, “water cooler chat” is hard to come by. But those casual conversations are often some of the most productive ones. Being able to chat outside of the constraints of the office builds trust and camaraderie between colleagues, making them better collaborators.

That’s why Fabulous has the Circles feature! Circles are virtual support spaces where Fabulous users from all over the world can gather in solidarity. Circles are formed around a common goal, region, or habit. You can also create your own Circles! Whether it be for building habits together or just needing a casual place to chat, Circles are guaranteed to help engage your employees.

Live Challenges Combine Friendly Competition With Healthy Habit-building

Sometimes, a little competition can get people engaged and focused in ways that collaboration just can’t. Motivation can be fickle, especially from external sources, but the drive to push oneself to be the best version of themselves can be a powerful motivational force. Having other people around working toward the same goal can also push people to rise up in ways they might not otherwise.

Live Challenges are Fabulous Challenges that people participate in together, all working toward the same goal of building the same habit. Challengers have their own space to support and hold each other accountable. For an extra motivational boost, consider offering a modest prize to anyone who successfully completes their challenge! 

Daily Routines Help Employees Focus and Engage

One definitive way to support your employees’ wellness is to give them the tools they need to succeed. People with a structured daily routine are less susceptible to decision fatigue. They free up space in their brain to engage in other matters. It also makes sure they’re taking care of themselves, making them healthier and more productive.

Learning to build a daily routine with healthy habits is at the core of the Fabulous Creed. Whatever your goals—be it greater productivity or improved health—Fabulous has a toolkit to help you master the habits needed to get you there. 

No matter what your employees need from you to be the best versions of themselves, Fabulous for Work can help. Book a demo with us today to see how we can help your company live the Fabulous life.