QUIZ: Who’s Your “Food Monster”?

Who's Your Food Monster?

We all have personal demons to fight, but none so terrifying as Food Monsters! These sneaky beasts can wreak havoc on our healthy eating habits if we're not quick to identify and slay them. Find out which food monster you're battling and we'll give you tips to beat them!

What does your typical breakfast look like?

1. The breakfast sandwich I finish before I'm even out of the drive-thru parking lot.
2. A granola bar or cereal.
3. Something modest, like a bagel or some toast.
4. Waffles, pastries, something sweet to get me going!

You're dying for a snack at work and hit the vending machine. What jumps out at you?

1. Trail mix or (another) granola bar.
2. Chips or pretzels.
3. Something greasy and microwaveable.

Lunch time! What's on the menu?

1. A club sandwich with chips and a soda.
2. Whatever the lunch special is at the cafeteria.
3. PB&J with apple slices and yogurt.
4. Instant ramen. Instant rice. Something instant.

The work day is over! Hit the convenience store and grab a snack for the walk home.

1. A bottled iced coffee or soda.
2. A sandwich or snack tray from the prepared foods cooler.
3. Maybe a toaster pastry or some mini muffins.
4. A bag of potato chips or some crackers.

What's for dinner?

1. Honey-roasted chicken with roasted sweet potatoes.
2. A microwaveable frozen dinner.
3. Mac and cheese or fettuccine alfredo.
4. I'm going out to eat!

It's almost bedtime. Care for a snack?

1. A 100-calorie snack pack.
2. A piece of fruit or chocolate.
3. No thanks! Too much work.
4. A bowl of cereal.

All 6 questions completed!

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Who's Your Food Monster?

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