July 13th, 2022

Our Top 5 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude at Work

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Do you practice gratitude at work? If you don’t, you should. It might seem like the kind of cliché you might find in a cheap greeting card, but gratitude is one of the simplest—and most powerful—wellness tools in your toolkit.

The benefits of gratitude are backed by science

What’s so great about gratitude? As it turns out, a lot of things! Behavioral scientists have been studying the effects of gratitude on human health for years and have made some fascinating discoveries.

Studies show that gratitude helps us disconnect from negative and unhelpful thoughts. Humans evolved to naturally be more aware of things that frighten or upset them—such as predators—and so the good things in life can be overshadowed by the bad. Regularly reminding yourself of the good in your life helps you break free of negative thinking patterns.

Breaking free of that cycle has a number of beneficial side effects. As your brain becomes more attuned to seeking out the positive, your worldview begins to shift. Your mindfulness increases as your stress decreases. You also become more compassionate and likely to help others just for the sake of helping them.

Now, imagine all of those benefits permeating your workplace culture. That is the power of practicing gratitude at work.

5 benefits of practicing gratitude at work

So, how does a gratitude practice directly affect employee well-being and experience? 

1. Gratitude boosts employee morale

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their efforts and your employees are no different. Regularly expressing your gratitude for your employees’ hard work reaffirms their belief in themselves and helps build trust and loyalty to the company. All of this boosts employee morale, which reignites the fires of motivation and encourages employees to give it their all.

2. Gratitude at work strengthens employee relationships

Practicing gratitude at work can have a surprising ripple effect. People model the behavior of people they respect or admire. If your direct reports see you regularly practicing gratitude, they will likely follow suit. As employees express their appreciation to each other, their bonds deepen, fostering a more welcoming and inclusive company culture. Closely-bonded employees communicate and collaborate better, making their work even more productive and efficient.

3. Regularly practicing gratitude makes you more mindful

Practicing gratitude requires a certain amount of awareness. Finding things to be grateful for does not always come easily, especially during hard times. But as you keep practicing, you’ll find yourself becoming more aware of the things you appreciate in life. This awareness will translate to the workplace, as well. More mindful employees make fewer mistakes and can focus on tasks for longer periods of time.

4. Being grateful improves employee mental health

Because gratitude helps break your mind of its habit of dwelling on the negative, you may find your spirits start to rise after a while. Taking time to appreciate the good in your life can be an instant emotional pick-me-up on tough days. Gratitude also helps people build emotional resilience, making it easier to bounce back from obstacles or setbacks. A regular practice of gratitude at work can also help prevent employees from burning out.

5. Gratitude is also good for your physical health

That’s right, gratitude is also good for the body! People who regularly practice gratitude tend to sleep better, have lower blood pressure, and get sick less often. Employees who are in better physical shape are more productive, creative, and collaborative. But physical wellness also translates into big savings for the company as a whole. Fewer sick days means lower insurance costs! 

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