December 4th, 2017

#MyFabJourney: Sofia Jantén

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sometimes all it takes is one little app to make the biggest impact.

I’m usually checking for apps that will help with personal growth and/or anything that focuses on creating a positive impact for my mind and body. As I was browsing the play store one day, I saw Fabulous as a recommended app for me to download. The app looked beautiful and it seemed to describe a lot of the things I look for in an app, so I decided to give it a try.

My goal with Fabulous was simple— I wanted a more balanced life. I suffer from serious depression and have difficulty controlling my anxiety, so having an opportunity to build a life that I could control, little-by-little, would be amazing. I was hoping Fabulous would be that app to help me transform my life.

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In a relatively short time frame, Fabulous has helped me build some great daily habits that I have incorporated into my everyday routine. At this point, I’m confident enough to say that Fabulous has helped me create a morning routine that is effectively a part of my normal life. The best part is that the habits don’t feel like a chore I have to mark as complete before I can move on everyday.

I’ve also gotten into the habit of jogging and working out, which has helped me become more active and engaged in my own life. My passion and work lie in the arts and creative space, so I’m always working on different projects. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work on anything because of my depression, but I’ve seen such a big difference since starting my Fabulous journey. I feel like I’m starting to recognize myself again.

Thank you Fabulous team!

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