May 5th, 2020

How to Make Big Workplace Transformations With Small Behavior Changes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Aristotle once said that we are what we repeatedly do. We may often feel out of control of our habits—especially around office birthday cake—but we are the masters of our behavior, not the other way around. And because of that truth, we’re capable of changing our behavior when we discover a habit that no longer suits us. It isn’t always easy but behavior change is absolutely possible.


Fabulous is modeled on the idea that behavior change is best done in small, gradual ways. Sometimes, the change is so small that you couldn’t possibly imagine it being much use! But just like building a home brick by brick, with time, those little steps add up into a solid foundation, and then an impenetrable fortress of healthy habits.

Now, it might be pretty satisfying to imagine yourself as a beacon of wellness and productivity. Someone who gets up early, eats well and exercises, and tackles projects at work with laser focus. But what if everyone at your workplace underwent such a behavior change? What would your business be like then?

If you’re looking to help your company change their workplace habits to help make employees more productive, healthier, and happier, we’ve got exactly the advice you’re looking for. Keep reading for our tips on how to work some behavior changing magic within your own company!

Tip 1: Start Small and Simple

Like we mentioned earlier, the most important tip to remember is that slow and steady wins the race. Don’t go to work tomorrow with sweeping, grandiose changes for your entire company, no matter how motivated you are! You’ll risk alienating your workforce, which can be toxic to company culture. Some people might resist your changes. Others might even quit and the cost to replace them could be high. There’s no need to rock the boat like that!

Instead, think about the behavior changes you want to see in your employees and brainstorm tiny ways to encourage those changes. If, for example, you want your employees to eat better, why not add a few healthier snacks and drinks to the common eating area? You don’t even have to get rid of the unhealthy stuff. Just putting the healthier options front and center is often enough to encourage people to choose them simply because they’re more convenient!

Tip 2: Celebrate Every Step of the Way

Everyone loves to be praised! Doesn’t praise just feel good? It might seem like such a small thing but people really respond to praise at work, and you can use this to your advantage. Always take a moment to celebrate your employees’ accomplishments, no matter how small, when you become aware of them. Praise them privately or publicly, like during meetings, though maybe check their comfort level with having the spotlight thrown on them before you do the latter. You don’t want to embarrass anyone; the point is to make your employees feel good about themselves and to encourage them to keep doing the things you responded so favorably toward.

Praise doesn’t have to be limited to individuals, either. If a team reaches a productivity milestone, celebrate it! You might even make a little competition out of it if your company likes to compete. Who can complete the most tasks in a week? The winning department gets a pizza party!

Tip 3: Be the (Behavior) Change You Wish to See

Maybe you want your employees to focus more on deep work. Or maybe you want them to eat better or exercise more. No matter what changes you’re aiming for, you won’t accomplish much of anything unless you start with yourself. You are the leader and, as such, people will be looking to you during all of the difficult and uncertain times of this journey. You have to be on the ship with them.

Leading by example is both the easiest and the hardest way to lead. It’s difficult because it forces you to make the same sacrifices your followers are making. If your employees are cutting carbs, then you must cut carbs. If everyone else is taking morning yoga classes, you have to, too. But that’s also what makes it easy; when your employees see you’re in the trenches with them, they’ll respond to that. They’ll respect your efforts, sympathize with your struggles, and work harder to follow your example.

Changing the behaviors of your company’s workers isn’t something that will happen overnight. In fact, behavior change often takes weeks of dedicated effort and support. If you’d like some guidance and support for your company during this exciting journey, consider bringing Fabulous to your workplace! We can help tailor-fit your business with the tools it needs to make permanent positive behavior changes. Just go to to learn more or sign up today!