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How Atomic Habits Drive Long-Term Behavior Change

James Clear has dedicated much of his life to studying the psychology of habits. In his book Atomic Habits, he explains that the secret to changing your behavior for the long-term is not about sudden, sweeping changes. It’s instead about making small, incremental changes to your lifestyle. Not only is it easier to do, you’re more likely to stick with those changes for life. Fabulous…

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Are Habits Inherited? The Science of Behavior Change

I am sure you have heard the adage that a leopard never changes its spots. But is it true? The cornerstone of self-improvement is that behavior change is realistic and possible for us all. In fact, the capacity for behavior change may just be part of us. Any time that you repeat actions over and over they become ingrained habits. This can be a wonderful…

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The Science of Behavior Change: How to Reset Your Habits

We all want to have good habits. In a perfect world, we’d be fully in control of our wants and needs. We’d get up extra early, work out, eat our vegetables, and floss every time without fail. We wouldn’t need to worry about changing our behavior because there’d be no behaviors we’d need to change! Unfortunately, life is nowhere near that simple. We give into…

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