January 29th, 2019

How Fabulous Members Meditate Daily

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Fabulous members share their meditation practice

It’s always helpful to hear how other people have already successfully implemented a regular meditation practice. Here the Fabulous community share their top tips.

Meditation Can Lead to Better Sleep

It can be hard to know whether a lack of sleep makes people feel depressed or if depression causes insomnia but whichever comes first, it’s clear that the two are interconnected. Studies show that there is a strong link between insomnia and depression. This Fabulous member struggled with treatment-resistant depression and battled insomnia but found that meditation was the key to overcoming both-“meditation helps me drift off to sleep much easier.” Meditation helps people to feel relaxed and eases mental tension allowing them to get the rest that their body and mind both need.

Meditation Can Make You a Better Person

Being kind is not only good for your karma it can actually make you feel better. Studies show that generosity and charity activate an area of the brain called the striatum giving us that feel good glow associated with being kind to others. One Fabulous user found her daily meditation made her calmer, kinder and more patient. “I am a lot more adept to the normal stresses during the day. I don’t lose my temper as often, and I show kindness to those around me.” Six minutes a day was all it took for this Fabulous member to develop patience, inner peace, focus and to start a kindness practice.

Start Small with Daily Meditation

When you first start a daily meditation routine it’s a good idea to start off slowly and build up the amount of time you are comfortably able to sit and be still. Just five minutes a day can have amazing effects on your wellbeing and mental clarity. However, the feel-good effects of meditation can be addictive. If you have the time availability you might find yourself committing to longer sessions daily like this one Fabulous member “My goal is to meditate every day for 35 minutes. I have noticed if I go longer than a day without doing it my mind misses out on the benefits I have gained of a clear mind, peace, comfort, mindfulness, focus, and relaxation. Meditation helps me not to be worried and anxious in even the most trying of situations.”