July 26th, 2022

This Is How Your Employee Wellness Program Can Improve Employee Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If there’s one thing the Great Resignation has taught us, it’s that a company’s most vital asset is its employees. So, it stands to reason that the better quality of employee experience your workers have, the more productive, engaged, and efficient they’ll be. That’s precisely why a good employee wellness program is so important to a company’s bottom line.

The direct connection between employee wellness and the health of a company may not be immediately clear. But the two are most certainly related. Employee wellness programs add value to employee experience. This added value translates into more, higher-quality work getting done faster. 

Still skeptical? You won’t be by the end of this post.

What is employee experience?

First, let’s review what “employee experience” actually means. Employee experience is the collective beliefs and opinions your employees have about your company. The employee experience starts at recruitment and only ends once offboarding is complete. Everything—from how the company is structured to the tools used to complete tasks and beyond—influences employee experience.

A positive employee experience means the employee feels included as part of the company. Their work aligns with their skills, interests, and values. Their place within the company feels secure with plenty of room to grow. Positive employee experiences lead to long-term company loyalty, which is good for your company’s reputation. Good reviews from company alumni can also lead to an influx of high-quality talent.

What does your employee wellness program have to do with employee experience?

Employee experience is constructed from everything a company does to accommodate its employees. Onboarding, training, and mentorship are all pretty straightforward ways to influence employee experience. But how do employee wellness programs factor in?

Your employee wellness program is just one of many ways to offer company support to your employees. Offering a comprehensive wellness program builds trust between you and your employees because they see that the company is willing to aid in their care, even outside of the workplace. That trust lowers stress and improves morale and engagement.

And that’s just having the program available. Employees who actually take advantage of employee wellness programs reduce their stress even further. Their sleep habits improve and they’re more creative and resilient. 

Lower stress, combined with higher productivity and morale, all add up to massive savings on healthcare costs and employee turnover. Plus, you cultivate a company-wide culture of self-care and positive employee experience, which can further strengthen company loyalty and motivation.

How can you use your employee wellness program to improve employee experience?

No good employee wellness program is one-size-fits-all because employees come from all walks of life and have different needs. Instead of trying to predict what your employees need or offer only what you think is best for them, get their direct input. Find out what they need and then give them the tools to fulfill that need. 

If, for example, most of your employees feel overworked or want a better work-life balance, a good wellness initiative might be to introduce more flexible working options, like the ability to work from home a few times a week. 

On the other hand, if employees are more interested in physical fitness, free gym memberships or consultations with a dietician might make more sense.

Whatever wellness initiatives you choose, it all funnels into improving the overall wellness of your employees while also improving their experience with your company.

How can Fabulous’s employee wellness program help?

If all of this sounds overwhelming, take a deep breath. It’s normal to feel unsure about what you should do next. You want to help your employees live healthier lives but where do you even begin?

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