February 26th, 2018

#MyFabJourney: Matt

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I began my own personal health and success journey after a long period of seeking answers and effective treatment for my chronic digestive, anxiety, depression & energy struggles. Even then, I just knew all these aspects were somehow connected and that I was capable of living at a higher quality of life than I was. This is what brought me to my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which I have now been practicing in my own clinic Roots to Sky.

Personal trainers or wholistic therapists can be unsustainable for many, both financially as well as highly dependant on the coach we choose. I always took it upon myself to really get to the bottom of my experience, and too often had to rely on only myself to find the answers I was seeking.

Because of this, I’ve become an avid enthusiast of using technology as a tool for personal development, as well as to be intimately familiar with the landscape of services for my clients. This way, I can provide an experienced toolbox for the time in between their sessions with me – something I never had myself. The way I see it is we readily use our devices for sources of distraction, why not use them for tools for growth? Yet many people outright resist this idea, so a personal development app experience needs to be just as exciting and immersive as our distractions.

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So in this eternal exploration for truly quality apps, I discovered The Fabulous from a recommendation in the Google Play store. I treat devices and apps a little like my work desk, and really appreciate aesthetics and ‘feng shui’. When I saw the “material design” heavy aspects on top of the fully comprehensive feature set, I was almost instantly sold before even downloading the app!

I have since been using Fabulous daily for about 2 years, now considering myself quite a technical user. In my personal explorations before Fabulous, I relied (and still do) on a combination of a daily habit tracker and to-do app, to help me flow through what I call my “Inspired” workday & home routines. Fabulous has helped me synthesize these together from their individual steps/habits or tasks, into a beautiful, present, ritual flow. It has become the umbrella which all other aspects of my personal life and daily workflow with presence – always knowing where I am in the “map” of my day, especially when days get a little chaotic (and they often do).

Both 2016 and 2017 were let’s just say, extremely difficult years for me, that really tested the strength of my “Inspired Living” philosophy. Was I truly able to practice what I preach, in the midst of difficult circumstances? This is one of the singular goals discussed in the upcoming book I’ve been writing, and the blog I’m in the final stages of launching.

And while I certainly slid off the wagon numerous times during these times, I found all I had to do to recalibrate myself, was open Fabulous. It was surprising to see how often I would catch myself enabling excuses and “not today’s” (though certainly, there are many times when “not today” is completely valid!) I found Fabulous to be the perfect app to get me back on my saddle, a personal coach in my pocket.

A classic example is building a strong exercise routine. While now it comes much more easily than it did when I was younger, exercising remains a habit I can easily slip out of, especially during busy times in life, or in the middle of winter. I have probably booted up the “Start an Exercise Habit” journey three times now to help get me back on track!

One of biggest lessons I’ve taken away, specifically when it comes to exercise, but certainly in general, is a reminder of the impact of the smallest steps.

I often share a metaphor I’ve come up with, with my clients: it takes one brick at a time to build a wall, which may not be perfectly sturdy during a storm, but again brick by brick, eventually becomes a strong, safe, and reliable house. Fabulous starts at precisely these bricks, strengthening the smallest baby steps make all the difference in having a lasting personal transformation – as opposed to an unsustainable fad.

Beyond my personal journey, I now fully integrate Fabulous into my clinical recommendations, training programs and mentorships I offer my clients. There is no one single magic bullet to better health, it must be approached holistically. Fabulous wraps most of these aspects into one package that I encourage my patients to use to keep their progress moving forward in between our sessions. So both personally and professionally Fabulous has become quite a benchmark in my never-ending quest for Inspired Living: Beginning with a vision of your life the way you know you deserve to live, and then working backward to uproot the mind-body blocks standing in your way. Isn’t it time you began your journey? Start with Fabulous.

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