March 24th, 2020

How to Start and Build a Successful Business

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You’ve recently gotten your company off the ground and it looks like it’s starting to turn into a pretty successful business. But maybe you’re looking for some ways to save money or cut costs. If that’s true, we at Fabulous have a suggestion that could potentially save you thousands of dollars per year. And, not only will it save you a few bucks, it’ll also increase your employee engagement and productivity, bring your workers closer together, and decrease employee retention.


Interested? All you have to do is… take care of your employees’ health and wellness.

The Cost of Stress on a Successful Business

How much do you think having stressed-out employees costs your business? According to the American Institute of Stress, the answer is about $602 per employee per year. Workplace stress is the biggest source of stress for American adults and the consequences are far-reaching.

Absenteeism has skyrocketed. On any given day, 1 million working Americans call in sick due to work-related stress. And between absenteeism, increased on-the-job accidents, and decreased productivity, job stress costs the United States an estimated $300 billion annually.

And, since high levels of stress hinder the body’s immune system, stressed employees can easily rack up insurance costs as they get sick more often. High stress can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and infection. Some American cities so relate cardiac health events with workplace stress that police officers who suffer heart attacks are automatically assumed to have a work-related injury, even if they have it while they’re on vacation!

The Value of Putting Employee Wellness First

The good news is that these expenses are largely preventable with the right preventative care. Just like how good home insulation can help offset heating and cooling costs, a comprehensive employee wellness program can keep worker stress levels down and positive health outcomes up. When employees aren’t stressed out about work, they don’t get sick as often and don’t have to call out as often. They sleep better and are more focused, which reduces on-site accidents and injuries. All of that saves money.

But because they feel better, they can also perform better, which leads to an increase in productivity. And increased productivity = increased profits.

All of that sounds too good to be true, right? Perhaps because we’ve left out one important detail: The cost of employee wellness programs! You want to invest in your employees’ wellbeing. You want them to be their best selves. To get the results you want, you’d have to invest in life coaches, gym memberships, dietitians, and all sorts of other expensive and laborious resources, right?

You certainly could. But might I suggest something that’s more affordable and much easier to implement?

Build Your Company’s Resilience With Fabulous

You’re the expert at building and running a successful business. So, you should be able to keep your focus on doing just that! That’s where Fabulous comes in. Our newest program, Fabulous for Work, does all the heavy lifting for you. Instead of all of those expensive coaches, we teach your employees to coach themselves in habit-building and behavioral change.

Fabulous was incubated in Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight, founded by Predictably Irrational writer Dan Ariely. We believe in using the latest and most accurate behavioral science to drive personal and professional development in our users. We’ve taught millions of people how to eat better, exercise daily, meditate, and more. In just 8 weeks, 80 percent of Fabulous users build those stress-busting keystone habits.

Fabulous launched in 2014 and since then has been recognized by both Google and Apple for its impact on the digital self-care world. We’ve been helping people all over the world. And now, we want to help your business.
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