March 25th, 2019

Yoga as Meditation

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you think about meditation, you probably imagine someone sitting lotus-style on a pillow or cushion, hands in their laps, eyes closed, and a neutral or serene look on their face. That’s certainly one way to meditate, but there are other, more active ways to meditate, too. One way is with yoga.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a blanket term for a vast variety of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that originates from India thousands of years ago. Once only practiced by Hindu people, yoga is now a global phenomenon, having gained popularity in the gym and online.

There are many varieties of yoga. The most common is Hatha yoga, which involves the movement of the body through different postures, or asanas, while focusing on the breath. When you think of yoga, you’re likely thinking of this style. Another popular kind of yoga is Kundalini yoga, which combines physical postures and spiritual exercises that are said to be quite powerful when experienced first-hand.

Benefits of Yoga

As a meditative practice, yoga offers many of the same benefits as traditional meditation. A regular yoga practice can help you feel calmer and happier as you go through your day. You’ll become less reactive to stress and find it easier to focus. You might even see some physical benefits like lower blood pressure or a higher tolerance for pain.

However, yoga is also a form of exercise, which comes with its own host of benefits. Yoga can increase your strength, balance, and flexibility. It also improves your cardiovascular and respiratory health and help protect you from injuries. You may even lose a little weight.

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