March 22nd, 2019

Which Fabulous Meditation Is Right for You?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Unsure where to begin? Here’s an overview of all of Fabulous’s guided meditations.

If you’re new to Fabulous or new to meditation, you might have noticed that there are over half a dozen different guided meditations in the Fabulous app. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to figure out where to start! How can you know which Fabulous meditation is right for you?

We’ve put together a short primer on each of Fabulous’s meditations so you can decide more easily. But we encourage you to check them all out eventually!

Breather: Only five minutes and perfect for beginners. If you’ve never meditated before, start here!

Gateway to Presence: A ten-minute introduction to mindfulness and living in the present moment.

The Concentration Training Meditation: The perfect meditation for someone looking to increase their focus and decrease their susceptibility to distractions.

The Compassion Meditation: We all need a little extra love sometimes! Try this meditation to practice some much-needed self-compassion.

Bells Only Meditation: Not into guided meditations? No problem. This Make Me Fabulous is completely silent, save for bells that ring at the halfway point and at the end.

Doorway to Self-Esteem: It’s time to make friends with yourself. In just a few minutes, this meditation will help you examine your negative thoughts and the sensations they cause, so that you may begin to heal the parts of you that hurt.

The Wall: This visualization exercise puts you face-to-face with an impassable wall–the wall of your doubts, fears, and limitations–and shows you that the only way to break through is to dismantle it brick by brick.

The Child and the Sage: Two people exist inside us: An impulse-driven child and a wise sage. Which one guides your life?

The Value of the Present Moment: We spend so much time reflecting on the past or fearing for the future that we forget the most important period of our lives: Right now.

The View from Above: This short meditation encourages you to view your life from a different perspective.

Influencing Your Value System: When your values aren’t clear, it can be hard to make the right choices. Reflect on what matters to you in this five-minute meditation.

Your Life On Repeat: Would you want to live your life exactly as it is a thousand times over? Your Life On Repeat explores this question.

A Space for Sleep: Prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep by doing this deep relaxation exercise.

Body Scan Meditation: A fantastic mindfulness exercise that trains your focus onto your body and all its sensations.

Ready to build a daily meditation habit? Challenge yourself! Sign up for the Fabulous Meditation Challenge in the app and try all the wonderful meditations Fabulous has to offer!