March 22nd, 2019

What Tools Do You Use at Night to Help You Fall Asleep?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Get some much-needed rest with these Fabulous user tips.

Have trouble sleeping at night? It can happen to anyone. But we all have special tricks and tools that help us fall asleep at night, and our Fabulous users have shared some of theirs.

1. “I take a deep breath and imagine myself on a warm beach alone with cats and dogs.”

2. “Mostly, I use a regular bedtime and a dark, quiet room. I’m working on building a good night routine, but I’m not there yet! When I can’t sleep at all, I’ll get up and read a bit, or I’ll turn on some binaural beats or nighttime meditation videos from YouTube. Sometimes I’ll find a streaming science documentary because I find the voiceovers soothing in those. Basically, find things that work for you, and keep them on-hand!”

3. “An eye mask, an essential oil roller ball, and some earplugs if needed. Sometimes I will listen to a guided meditation to fall asleep or put on white noise/ambient noise. The essential oil really helps, I think the smell triggers my brain to think that it is time for bed.”

4. “I’ve found the following to be very helpful:

i) Stopping caffeine. Maybe you don’t want to go to this extreme – then perhaps your goal is not to drink it after 10 am or cut down, etc.  But if you can’t sleep routinely, this is one of the very first things to try.

ii) A sleep mask.

iii) A breathing meditation.

iv) No cell phones or iPads reachable from the bed.”

5. “I don’t have a problem falling asleep at night. I sometimes wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning.  I take 2 magnesium vitamins every night. They act as a muscle relaxant. I also take two in the afternoon. The magnesium helps to regulate nerve and muscle function. I take magnesium glycinate, this is important because there are different forms of magnesium.”

6. “I find that doing my evening routine sets me up for success each night. On occasion, I use nature sounds, but usually, a few pages in a book (non-electronic) is enough to settle my mind. If I wake up and have trouble falling asleep again, I get out of bed a read a very boring book I have set aside for that purpose.”