January 6th, 2020

8 Week Total Transformation Challenge

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It’s the last month of the year, which means everyone has started asking you that dreaded question.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

If you’re feeling pessimistic about setting a New Year’s Resolution, you’re not alone! There are many who repeatedly start the new year with great goals in mind and then…it all just vanishes into thin air! If only there was someone or something that could keep you on track, right?

Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what Fabulous has planned for 2020!

Starting on January 6th, Fabulous will be running 8 weeks of life-changing challenges to help you manifest your resolutions. And since the entire series has been crafted with the help of behavioural economics, you’ll get the best possible physical and mental guidance.

It’s not just about scientific research, though. There are several unique features in these challenges that have been specifically added to keep you motivated towards your goals:

A Dedicated Community

One of the toughest aspects of New Year’s Resolutions is feeling like you’re alone in the fight. Your friends and family might have their own challenges, but they may not be able to relate to your specific struggle. In these 8 weeks of live challenges, you’ll be a part of a global team of 300 Fabulous users. No matter the age, gender or nationality, they’ll all be chasing the same goal. You’ll never have to feel like you’re alone!

24/7 Troubleshooting

How many times have you had doubts about your goals? How many times have you questioned what the right step should be? Till now, your best bet was probably Google. But with these live challenges, you can talk to people all over the world who are in the same boat! Think of all the solutions that can be generated when hundreds of individuals are dealing with the same problem! You’ll get advice, suggestions, tips and motivation exactly when you most need it.

Countless Accountability Buddies

This is perhaps the most important feature of these live challenges. What’s the main reason most people fail in their New Year’s Resolutions? After a while, they simply stop showing up. It’s natural to lose motivation and feel unenthusiastic about your goals after a while. But thanks to the Fabulous live challenges, you’ll get a helping hand right when you’re thinking of drifting away! The members in your group will check up on you, and prompt you to stick to your routine.

Daily Coaching

Haven’t you sometimes wished you had someone to coach you through the tough days? When you don’t want to get out of bed? Well, you’re in luck! By joining these live challenges, you’ll be connected to a coach who will motivate you every day and ensure you’re on track.

8 Week Schedule

Here’s what you can expect over the course of these 8 weeks:

Week 1: 7 Steps to Fitness

Week 2: Find Your Zen

Week 3: Celebrate Healthy Eating

Week 4: Your Best Night Sleep

Week 5: Organize your Life

Week 6: Form New Connections

Week 7: The Digital Cleanse

Week 8: One Big Thing

Why Join?

It’s natural to feel jaded about New Year’s goals. Many of us have spent far too many years making lofty promises that couldn’t be met. But don’t mistake planning for ambition. This time around, you have powerful allies in the form of Fabulous, its wealth of behavioural science research, and a huge global community of like-minded people. This time will be different. And as Aaron Sorkin said, “The world doesn’t care how many times you fall down, as long as it’s one less than the number of times you get back up again!”

Similarly, nobody cares how many times you failed your New Year’s Resolutions. As long as this time, you’re doing it right. Tap below to join us today!