May 8th, 2017

The Morning Routine App loved by CEOs

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What is one habit nearly all highly-successful people have in common? Morning routines. This sleek app will seriously help you build an effective morning routine.

What did Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Steve Jobs and other high achievers have in common? Morning routines.

They woke up at the same time every day and repeated the same set of habits.
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, gets up every morning before 4 a.m. and reads emails from Apple users for an hour. Then he goes to the gym and works out for an hour.

The Fabulous Daily Motivator app helps you build a morning routine using baby steps and scientific methods.

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I’ve been using Fabulous to create a good morning routine for a few months now. I’d recommend it, great example of using the addictiveness of technology for a good purpose. The subtle details of it (art and music) make the difference.

Brian Armstrong – CEO of Coinbase

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What is Fabulous Daily Motivation?
Based on behavioral economics, Fabulous is the slow-moving productivity and motivational app that just might succeed in helping you build long-term habits. Join today!

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