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Teach Your Team the Most Important Skill: How to Build Solid Habits

Take a moment to think about what you did this morning. Everything from the moment you woke up to the moment you arrived at work. How much of it do you remember? Do you remember your breakfast? Your commute? Or was it all just a blur? Don’t worry, your memory isn’t failing you. The truth is, we don’t remember a lot of the things we…

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When to Quit Your Job: 5 Signs that It’s Time to Go

According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report, 51% of American workers are actively looking for a new job. 3 million workers voluntarily left their job in 2016, a number that’s gradually increasing as worker confidence increases. People leave their jobs for all sorts of reasons. Some simply can’t stand their current work anymore. Others are undergoing important life changes, like a new…

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Can Working from Home Help Your Work-Life Balance?

Your alarm rings first thing in the morning, before the sun even comes up. You’re filled with the same dread you feel every morning: The dread that comes with knowing you’ll have to get out of bed, put on some big kid clothes, and head out to work. Who hasn’t fantasized about working from home, also called telecommuting, during these moments? What greater joy could…

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