December 17th, 2018

Be Your Own Hero with Fabulous Super Powers

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What if I told you that, among all of the other incredible tools the Fabulous app offers, it could also grant you Super Powers? Unfortunately, we can’t make you able to fly or talk to animals. But our newest feature, Fabulous Super Powers, can help you form new habits that stick.

Imagine the last time you wanted to build a healthy habit but just couldn’t seem to stick with it. You were perfectly willing and able but no matter how hard you tried, something always made you fall off the wagon. If only there had been one extra incentive to keep you going, right?

Enter Super Powers. When you start a new challenge, you’ll be asked to augment your habit building with a Super Power. Each Super Power is designed to help give you that extra kick you need to stick to your habits, even when things get tough.

What Is a Fabulous Super Power?

Fabulous Super Powers have genuine behavioral science backing them up. We at Fabulous believe that, instead of fighting our naturally irrational behaviors in an attempt to be what we “should,” we should embrace those behaviors. We believe human behavior is a tool for self-improvement, not an obstacle. And, like any tool, we need to understand how it works in order to use it well.

When we have something to look forward to, for example, we’re more likely to focus on the tasks at hand and finish what we start. The “Letter to Myself” Super Power is a perfect example of this. Not only do you have an incentive to finish the challenge–so you can read your letter–but you also get a bonus reward for finishing. And who doesn’t love being rewarded for good behavior?

Other Super Powers encourage you to get involved in the Fabulous community or by bringing a friend onboard the challenge with you. This also does the double duty of giving you a support system while also giving you some external accountability.

Sounds Great! How Do I Start?

The next time you start a challenge, you’ll be asked to use Super Powers to help you complete it. Feel free to explore them and give them all a try!

NOTE: This feature is currently only available on the Android app. But we haven’t forgotten you, iOS users! We’ll let you know when you can access this feature, too. 🙂