March 22nd, 2019

What Is the Subtlest Insight You’ve Perceived About Your Thinking-Mind While Meditating?

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Thoughts about thinking with by Fabulous users.

Your thinking-mind is the part of your mind that thinks about things instead of directly experiencing them. Meditation can bring up a lot of interesting insights about your thinking-mind. Here are some things our Fabulous users learned about themselves.

1. “I guess I would have to reflect on understanding how far back into my memories the POWER has always been within me in some shape or form. Also that this life has presented me with abundance many times over! #DCBGrowth”

2. “While meditating, I am thinking about myself, my body, and everything.”

3. “I continue to allow less than optimal situations for myself, including but not limited to self-sabotaging behavior because then, no one will expect better from me, since I’m already lacking and I can continue on this path of living in angst & lack…”

4. “That it’s a mess, I feel like there’s a lot of noise up there so much so I can’t hear just one thought.”

5. “Hmmm… I have been pondering this question. When I meditate I let my thinking mind go and go into a state of just being. Into a state of feeling good. Being in the being. Letting go off all thoughts. But I guess there are lots of types of meditations.”