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What Is the Pomodoro Technique and How Does It Boost Your Productivity?

When Francesco Cirillo first invented the pomodoro technique as a university student in the 1980s, he probably didn’t realize that he’d started a time management revolution that we’d still be talking about today. But, in fact, Cirillo managed to tap into a productivity method that works seamlessly with the natural ebb and flow of our attention. And, as our attention spans naturally grow shorter by…

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Can Music Help You Focus?

It might seem like the world is divided into those who can’t listen to music while working, and those who can’t work without listening to music. For every person who nods along with earphones plugged in, there seems to be one who complains, “Excuse me, could you turn down the volume?” One group swears that listening to music improves focus and boosts productivity. The opposing…

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