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The Secret to Winning Arguments is That You Can’t

Arguing sometimes seems like an inevitable part of life. Now more than ever, with social media fully integrated into the everyday lives of people all over the world, people seem to be endlessly arguing amongst themselves about what to care about, who to vote for, and whether or not hot dogs are sandwiches. While there might not appear to be any trouble with a friendly,…

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Quit Social Media and Focus on Deep Work

We have become a society of easily distracted people. The constant barrage of notifications from our smartphones has us addicted to filling each moment of our lives with bursts of empty activity. We are taught by our jobs, through mindless email sending and our never-ending piles of busy work, that it is more important to look busy, rather than actually be busy. However, this shallow…

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Strategies to Preserve the Future of Happiness

The rise of technology in our everyday lives comes at a cost. Not only are we more connected than ever, we are also more depressed and dissatisfied with our lives than ever. Some people even go to the extreme of cutting technology from their lives entirely, believing they were happier without. In her book, The Future of Happiness Amy Blankson assures that we can learn…

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