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Should You Go For A Morning Run or Night Run?

By now it’s been well-established that running is an extremely beneficial exercise. We all associate fitness with the image of a fitness guru on their morning run or smiling after completing a marathon. So, you’d definitely be moving in the right direction if you decided to tie your shoes and step out for a run. But here’s a question that stumps many beginners, and even…

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Exercise for Beginners: How to Build a Solid Daily Exercise Routine

Have you ever made yourself a promise, only to immediately break it? Maybe you promised yourself you’d start a new exercise routine. You bought the clothes, the equipment, and the gym subscription… but never quite made it to the gym. Ever. We find it so easy to break promises to ourselves because there’s no one else to hold us accountable or to suffer the consequences….

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Running for Beginners: 4 Tips on How to Start Running

Of all the available exercise regimens out there, running may be the best. Running is a full-body workout that can strengthen your bones and muscles, strengthen your immune system, and reduce your stress levels. Plus, compared to other types of workouts, it’s inexpensive and requires little up-front investment; the only thing you need is a decent pair of running shoes (unless you’re Abebe Bikila). However,…

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