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Fabulous Uncovers: Are Carbs Good for You?

Carbohydrates have been called everything under the sun. Depending on the diet or school of thought you follow, carbs can either be necessary for your survival or the worst thing you can eat! With so much conflicting information swirling around diet books, the internet, and the media, we decide to uncover the truth: Are carbs good for you? While you should always consult with a…

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Fabulous Uncovers: Can You Lose Weight by Walking? 

We all know the stereotype of people who power walk: seniors striding briskly around the mall or down the street in their neon spandex, fanny packs around their waists, and 3-pound weights in hand. But maybe those power-walking seniors are on to something. So can you lose weight by walking? Or reap any health benefits at all? Studies say yes, it’s absolutely possible! Walking is…

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10 Unhealthy Foods To Stop Buying: Eat Fabulous (Part 1)

If your new year’s resolution is to be healthier, you’ve probably been scouring the internet for healthy food alternatives. However, many of these foods that are marketed as healthy are actually even more unhealthy than the foods they’re meant to replace. If you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, avoid these 10 unhealthy foods on your next trip to the grocery store. 1. Cereal When…

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