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3 Habits to Develop From Cait Flanders’s The Year of Less

Cait Flanders is perhaps best known for the personal blog she maintained while rapidly paying off nearly $30,000 of consumer debt. Last year, however, she published her first book and international bestseller The Year of Less. The book documents the year-long “shopping ban” Flanders underwent to regain control of her spending once she was debt-free. On her journey, Flanders only bought consumables like groceries and…

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Save More and Spend Less with Zoe McKey’s Minimalist Budget

Do you find it hard to save money? Are you struggling with debt? Is the thought of being asked if you know how to budget your money cringeworthy to you? Is that sale at your favorite clothing store calling your name? If you constantly find yourself wondering where your money has gone, Zoe McKey’s Minimalist Budget could be the simple solution to your financial woes….

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