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Yoga Teacher Mary Haberski and Her Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Mary Haberski is a long-time yoga instructor and founder of Daana Blue, a non-profit organization for ocean conservation. She has been practicing yoga for nearly 18 years and has studied all over the world, including under the tutelage of the Kundalini Yoga Legacy Teachers. Haberski did not, however, become a success overnight. Her struggle was a long one that started with addiction, depression, and self-esteem…

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Dr John Izzo on Burnout, Mindfulness, and Finding Life Balance

Over the last 20 years, Dr. John Izzo has spoken to over one million people about finding a life balance in their working environments. Author of the Five Thieves of Happiness, his vision is to help businesses build sustainable environments that create net-positive impacts on people and the world. This is his story. — Growing up in Staten Island, NY with my mom, I always…

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Meera Lee Patel on Fear, Focus, and Finding Inspiration,

Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist and author of the bestseller, Start Where You Are. Her creativity is inspired by the magical mysteries of nature, the quiet stories that lace through everyday life, and the bold colors of her native India. — I grew up writing – creating my own stories, poems, and chapter books. I had a dream of being a fiction writer…

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